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Amazing Alex Boye’ cover Pharrell Happy and it’s feels happier actually!

ps: honestly Gru is creepy!

such a beautiful exotic version of Don’t you worry child <3<3<3

Swedish House Mafia - Don’t You Worry Child (Khushnuma) - ft Shweta Subram

Jared Leto being Jared Leto at the MTV Movie Awards.

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Johnny Depp's entrance at the MTV Movie awards 2014 #Likeaboss

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i couldnt scroll past this i had to reblog

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T-EC Challenge - Favourite Hairstyles: Brown Hair

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T-EC Challenge - Favourite Hairstyles: Perfect Hair

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Credit: 小崔儿先生


What I expected: 

  • photos ruining my life 
  • T.O.P sexiness 
  • secretly hoping for photos showing his skin 

What I got: 

  • Bingu Tabi
  • 87 years old grandpa doing some stretching  
  • more TOP binguing around 
  • eating Tabi 
  • I-forgot-to-be-cool Tabi who is smoking on every photo to make up for his real bingu nature 
  • T.O.P’s ass (and what a nice ass it is)
  • T.O.P ruining my life, making me cry my blood, set myself on fire and suffer because of his perfection.